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Assessment grading exam will be the week before the grading dates shown

Assessment Grading exams free but lesson fee applies

To be eligible to do the grading exam  you must have been assessed

Please note members wishing to grade must have a Karate suit and valid


Grading assesment exam means

We asses the children the week before we put them into the exam

We do this as children have a 99% of passing as they are so young at lower levels and want to build there confidence

As grading levels get harder we are more harder with our decisions

If a child is not ready to grade we think its best to tell them before putting them through a grading exam



Grading exam means

Changing the colour of the belt by achieving moves combanations and katas

These grading exams get harder as you work up the levels

You will be upgraded to a more advanced class when achieving certain levels

This will keep the interest to students as like school classes get more interesting as they move up levels and no reason to going over beginner training lessons

The lower grade assessment grading and gradings will be held in the normal venues you train in

Brown and black belt gradings are held twice a year on Saturday afternoons at our Downham venue

Please note any brown or black belt who has not attended three

referee,s course between each grading are not eligible to grade


Next Brown and Black belt grading TBA


These Gradings can be done on Zoom or in the halls

We will be checking if you are ready for grading the following week

Next Assessment kyu grading exam September 2021 TBA








Next  Kyu grading exam September 2021 TBA








Next Assessment kyu grading exam Nov/December 2021

Monday 29th

Tuesday 30th

Wednesday 1st

Thursday 2nd

Friday 3rd

Saturday 4th


Next  Kyu grading exam December 2021

Monday 6th

Tuesday 7th

Wednesday 8th

Thursday 9th

Friday 10th

Saturday 11th

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