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First lesson info



Welcome to our dojo all welcome

Beginners to advanced Men Women and Children

from age four years and above


Shotokan Karate

Had its beginning  in a small Japanese island of Okinawa were it was passes down from generation to generation by the word of mouth.

Gichin Funakoshi developed Shotokan Karate and refined the art into a formal syllabus that could be easily followed and subsequently

taught in Japanese Universities


Shotokan is now one of the most popular styles of Karate.

Though regular training the following can be attained

Self-Defence , Relaxation. Fitness,Stamina,Flexibility,Satisfaction

The first lesson is free .Dojo fees are to be paid from the second lesson

joining in the training section

Membership/insurance must be paid on the third lesson

And renewed annually before expert date


Members who do not posses a clean white well ironed gi (Karate suit)

are required to wear tracksuit  bottoms and a t-shirt


Safe Training

Finger and toe nails mush be kept clean and shirt (these can cut people)

Jewellery (rings,bracelets,and earnings) must not be worn during training

These can cut others or be ripped out

Wedding rings should be tapped.

Trouses should be no longer than ankle height

(Please do not role trouser bottoms up they unroll and and children may slip)


Dojo Rules

Only white round neck t-shirts to be worn under Karate gis (Karate suits)

Shoes and socks must be taken of by members before entering the dojo (training hall)

Bow on entering and leaving the dojo (training hall)

Any members arriving late must kneel at the entrance of the dojo

and wait for permission from the sensei (instructor) to join in the class


No-one leaves the dojo with outfirst obtaining the Sensei,s permission

The instructor is  as Sensei at all times,

In Karate Oss is used as a sign of respect especially in the following circumstances

1.When receiving advice or instruction from the Sensei

2.When bowing at the start and finish of training

3.When bowing to your your partner before and after kumite {sparring)

4.All students must respect higher and lower grades

5.Members should try and train at least twice a week

6.Members must not swear,chew,smoke,spit,or behave in any manners as to appear bad mannered or disrespectful


1.Refrain from Impetuous and violent behaviour

2.Respect proporiety

3.Cultivate the spint and perseverance

4. Faithfull and sincere

5. Exert oneself in the perfection of character


I promise to uphold the true spirt of Karate-do

and never use the skills that i am taught against any

person, except in defence of myself and my family or friends

in instance of extreme danger or unprovoked attack,

Or in support law and order.


Welcome to TKI Karate

We hope you enjoy the classes and have fun,

But we need to keep discipline as we are teaching a martial art


Please print and fill in this membership form and bring this with

you to save time at the class





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