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Assessment grading will be the week before the grading dates shown

Assessment Grading is free but lesson fee applies

To be eligible to grade you must have been assessed

Please note members wishing to grade must have a Karate suit and valid


Gradings are held three times a year March/April ,July, December

Next Assessment Kyu grading March 2019 

Kidbrooke 23rd

Bellingham 23rd

Downham 23rd

Warren rd 25th

Downham Tuesday 26th Closed

Lee/Lewisham Tuesday 26th 

Tubbenden Wednesday 27th

Beckenham P Langley Wednesday 27th

Downham Thursday 28th

Lee/Lewisham Thursday 28th

Beckenham Spa Friday 29th

Mottingham Friday 29th Rd Monday 18th

Next Kyu grading March 2019

Kidbrooke 23rd

Bellingham 23rd

Downham 23rd

Next Kyu grading April 2019

Warren Rd Monday 1st

Downham Tuesday 2nd Closed

Lee/Lewisham Tuesday 2nd 

Tubbenden Wednesday 3rd

Beckenham P Langley Wednesday 3rd

Downham Thursday 4th

Lee/Lewisham Thursday 4th

Beckenham Spa Friday 5th

Mottingham Friday 5th

Please note any brown or black belts who have not attended three

referee,s courses between each grading  are not eligible to grade

Next Brown and Black belt grading

Brown+Black Belt gradings 2019

Saturday 18th May

Saturday 16th November

4:45pm to 5:45pm





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